Pablo Strong Preset Collection


The Ethos

Inspired by the organic character of film, the Pablo Strong presets each bring a unique look whilst retaining the honesty and natural feel of your photos.

The Collection

The presets have been developed from my own editing workflow and I use them myself as a starting point when editing any of my photos. For every preset in the pack I have included a ‘LESS’ and ‘MORE’ version so that you can dial in the strength of the look you are going for, as well as a ‘Only Contrast’ preset so that you can apply the contrast from each preset without any colour changes or other effects.

PS0 - Rise

Natural and balanced. A subtle contrast with a few colour tweaks, PS0 is subtle yet effective with true to life colour designed to give your image a lift whilst preserving a neutral look.

Presets Before-11.jpg
Presets After-11.jpg

PS1 - Luxe

Vibrant, warm and punchy, PS1 is one of the stronger looks in the collection and one of my favourites. The contrast is rich and colours pop.

Presets Before-10.jpg
Presets After-10.jpg
Presets Before-16.jpg
Presets Before.jpg

PS2 - Dawn

Colourful and warm, PS2 brings vibrancy to the blues and warmer tones making it perfect for bringing out the colours of a sunny day.

Presets Before-2.jpg
Presets After-2.jpg
Presets Before-9.jpg
Presets After-9.jpg

PS3 - Burnt

Muted and moody PS3 brings cooler tones into the shadows and brings a natural warmth to skin tones. The subtle formality of PS3 makes it particularly beautiful for portraits.

Presets Before-8.jpg
Presets After-8.jpg
Presets Before-15.jpg
Presets After-15.jpg

PS4 - Dusk

Rich and nostalgic in feel, PS4 is atmospheric and cinematic and with its treatment of shadows the preset really comes into its own when the sun goes down. 

Presets Before.jpg
Presets After.jpg
Presets Before-12.jpg
Presets After-12.jpg

Whats in the pack


PS0 - Rise

PS0 - Rise - LESS

PS0 - Rise - MORE

PS0 - Rise - Only Contrast

PS1 - Luxe

PS1 - Luxe - LESS

PS1 - Luxe - MORE

PS1 - Luxe - Only Contrast

PS2 - Dawn

PS2 - Dawn - LESS

PS2 - Dawn - MORE

PS2 - Dawn - Only Contrast

PS3 - Burnt

PS3 - Burnt - LESS

PS3 - Burnt - MORE

PS3 - Burnt - Only Contrast

PS4 - Dusk

PS4 - Dusk - LESS

PS4 - Dusk - MORE

PS4 - Dusk - Only Contrast


PS0 - Rise

PS1 - Luxe

PS2 - Dawn

PS3 - Burnt

PS4 - Dusk


Compatibile With:

Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Adobe Photoshop (Via Camera RAW filter)

Older Versions of Lightroom