I like to keep gear simple.

As much as I can I like to stick to one camera, one lens, one focal distance and one editing process. Cameras are expensive and it is easy to get into the trap of collecting and constantly upgrading but in my experience the more camera gear I try, the less time I spend actually working on the projects that interest me, and the further I get from establishing a personal style in my photography and video work that I feel at home with. I often get asked what camera gear I am using so I have listed my current camera gear below but if you are feeling tempted to buy the same things bear in mind that in my experience there is no 'perfect setup'. Every piece of equipment (including the ones below) has it's compromises and whether it works for you or not is a very individual thing.



Fujifilm X100T - I use this for 99% of my photography. The image quality is fantastic and the 35mm (equivalent) focal distance is my perfect for the sort of photography that interests me.


Kat & Dan - Sneak Peak-1-2.jpg

Nissin i40 - Great little TTL flash. I use this mainly for professional work (especially weddings) in both TTL mode (for subtly adding light to a room) and in manual mode (for more abstract / stark flash photography)




Panasonic G80 - Its new so I can't really comment on it yet but the 4K image is far superior to that of my (now retired) Canon 70D. Also it is significantly smaller than the Canon which means I can have it on me much more often. 



Wide - Panasonic 14mm f/2.5


Tight - Olympus 45mm f/1.8




RØDE VideoMicro - This sits on my Panasonic G80 for run-and-gun video (vlogs, Streets of London etc)


RØDE smartLav+ - For any off camera personal audio, plugged into a Zoom H1


Zoom H1 - Being so small and light this recorder is perfect for capturing anything from ambient noise and music to intimate interviews. Combined with the RØDE smartLav+ and RØDE VideoMicro I am covered for pretty much every situation I want to capture.


2014 MacBook Pro  


Screen protectors 


Variable ND filter 

Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod